Teaching, Talking & Workshops:

Between 2021 - 2022 I was an associate lecturer and module leader on the BA (Hons) Illustration programme at Arts University Plymouth. I’ve taught on units ‘Exploring Place’ and ‘Embracing Design & Visual Cultural Enrichment’, using my industry experience and research knowledge to guide students through talks, workshops and tutorials.

My specialist area of interests lie in creating and building tools to develop individualised illustration methodologies. I enjoy introducing play and making in self initiated and commercial projects to help students establish a fulfilling practice. I create workshops and talks on intuitive making, improvising and plein air drawing. 

Past Talks & Workshops: 
2022 Drawing Worldlines, Ocean Studios - A full day workshop making and telling new stories together.
2022 Finding Methodology, Arts University Plymouth - 10 minute talk on my postgraduate research on illustration methodologies and play in practice.
2021 Out of Place, Arts University Plymouth - 20 minute talk on rediscovering my practice and how it had changed through the pandemic.
2019 Illustrating Mental Health, Illustration Research Symposium, Worcester University - 20 minute talk about how illness has helped shaped my practice.
2019 ‘Work in Progress’, Arts University Plymouth - 30 minute talk on my career in illustration so far.
2017 Art mentoring with educational charity ‘Team Up’. 
2016 Lino cutting workshop with BA students, Cass Art Bristol.
2016 Making crafts with children & parents, Cass Art Bristol.

‘Naomi has worked within the Illustration team continuously during our 2021/22 academic year. Recruited at very short notice, she has been an active member of the Illustration team, and has supported our year one cohort continuously in both an academic and pastoral context. As both a vibrant and tenacious practitioner, exploring visual language and illustration methodology through play and process, she has actively supported our students as they continue to challenge and understand their own creative practice, through the ongoing development of skill building workshops and seminars. Arts University Plymouth’s mandate of Creative Excellence and Social Justice has been continuously exemplified in Naomi’s professional conduct and delivery. She has continuously proved herself beyond our expectations, taking an active role in both delivery and development of the curriculum.’ - Ben Wright, Subject Leader at AUP

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