Be patient! Naomi is taking a small break.

I started an MA in October 2020 and shortly before I had to defer my studies, I realised that I had no real connection with ‘being an illustrator’. I started to realise that I don’t enjoy the typical things that illustrators make, like conceptual editorial, book design and digital illustration.

I also learned that I rarely connected emotionally with illustrated work in the same way I do with paintings or music and it was starting to become glaringly obvious that my practice needed that. For example, the Rothko room at the Tate Modern gives me an intense emotional response that I can feel in my gut, which in turn inspires and motivates me. Whereas while I can recognise a nice illustration in a magazine, illustration rarely gives me that feeling and often doesn’t ignite a passion for creating.

Upon realising this, I noticed that I’m often waiting for the illustration process to be over. I was not enjoying the process of my illustration work and just felt like I was churning stuff out because I had to in order to keep up. I don’t want to do that anymore. I want to inject passion into the process of my practice again, even if that means starting from the ground up again. I want to be able to look my art and feel something about it. 

So I’m taking a small break to build the artistic practice I deserve. I want it to mature and grow and that will take some time. I hope you understand that means I don’t have a portfolio to share at this time. I will still be available for visiting lecturer positions, I would be happy to work together.



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