Tips for Choosing a Shop Name

In December 2016, I decided that I wanted to split my editorial practice from my authorial work. This meant I needed to come up with a name for my new venture into selling on Etsy and for my new social media platforms and I didn’t know where to start. I had used a pseudonym in the past – ‘A curious creative’, ‘splitting oceans’ and ‘Naomi’s Secret’ to name a few. All of these never felt right, they didn’t represent my brand, my personality and what I was trying to do.

I wanted a name that wasn’t restricting, represented me and felt like a brand that makes a selection of products. After a lot of research, I finally came up with Noomi Studio and I want to share my tips for brainstorming a shop name.

If you make a specific product, think of a name that describes this product.

Describe the product. Think about it’s colour, shape and use. If there is something that connects all the products you make, it could be a good idea to include that in your name. E.g. you may sell a selection of only rainbow products – what other words describe rainbow? How is it being used? Think about it’s place in the home or how someone would wear it.

Synonyms for the product you make. Just looking at alternative words for the item you are selling could bring up some interesting results. Say you are selling scented bath bombs, just searching those three words you get 40 synonyms! Lots to play around with.

Think about your target audience. Who is going to use the product? Is it only going to be people of a certain age, gender or is it only going to relate to someone with a certain hobby? E.g. if you make gardening products, you could focus the name around being a gardener – Green Fingers, The Happy Gardener, Fresh Horticulture… the list goes on.

If you make a range of different products, think of a name that describes you.

Start with your name. Some people have a nice unique name but maybe you want something a little different. A nickname or a different way to spell your name could also be a good start. Using words that describe your name could also be a good start, for example the singer Dallas Green uses the pseudonym City & Colour. It could also be as simple as adding an ampersand between your first and middle/last name. Mine would be Naomi&Louise.

Think about things that represent you and your hobbies and likes. if you selling a variety of products, your name can be totally random as long as it represents you. You could like a certain colour or animal, be interested in a sport or activity. Good examples of this are shops Quill & Fox, Yay for Friends and Thief and Bandit.

Overall I think the most important tip I can think of is write down as many words as you can when mind-mapping your shop name ideas. Some words will naturally stand out to you.

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