Photo an Hour — 20th March 2017

Someone recently asked me if I could share my daily routine now that I work freelance full time. The honest truth is I have no daily routine, it varies all the time – sometimes I have a lay in, sometimes I sit at my desk for 10 hrs and sometimes it’s all over the place. Therefore, I thought it would be a good idea to document through photos every hour or so what I’m getting up to. I’ll make this a regular thing, as I actually enjoyed it.

7:30am — Waking up

A massive mug of tea in bed. I only recently started getting up this early recently but I’m liking it so far. I thought I wasn’t an early person but I was wrong, I much prefer this to working late into the night.

8:30am — Glitter Cards

I’m stocking my work in The Little Shop in Stokes Croft, Bristol so I need to get my bum into gear regarding my stock. First and messiest thing to do were these cards, which will be exclusively sold at The Little Shop for a while.

10am — Packing orders

Yay! I love doing this. It’s such a buzz. Thank you for your custom guys and as always, have a look at the shop and give me a fav! ?

11am — Designing Order Cards

This was a tester to make sure I liked it. I ordered them and they will be in every order and on every stall table because I would just love to see what people do with the items from the shop.

12pm — Applying for casual jobs

I’ve been wanting to gain some more experience in museums and galleries, possibly even colleges and such so I’ve been applying for some casual positions. Hopefully it’ll inspire my freelance work.

2pm — Lunch!

Lunch is normally between anytime from 11am to 2pm. I had a sausage roll and a banana this day. I also had some Urban Fruit which I’m currently obsessed with.

5pm — Post Gym Shower

I’ve started to exercising with MoveGB. It’s expensive but it gets me out of my studio 4 days a week. I normally exercise by the time Sam gets home in order to have maximum time with him.

7pm — Dinner with my love

Sam made us wraps with chicken and halloumi! I love halloumi, it’s so salty.

After dinner my evening included watching Love on netflix and chilling on the sofa. Due to changing my schedule, I’ve been going to bed about 10pm. Hope you enjoyed this weird little insight to my day.

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