Mail-friendly Mother’s Day Gifts

Most years I spend Mother’s Day with my mum, obviously. This year though I won’t be able to. I’m in London for that weekend visiting Sam’s family and celebrating his birthday, plus soaking up art and illustration you can only see in London.

So, my gift is going to be mailed and with that comes some restrictions. Is it mail friendly? Is it within weight and size limits? Is it still personal and loving? Therefore, I put together a small list of mail friendly Mother’s Day gifts. Mother’s Day is on 26th March this year so with just over a week left, you better get your hands on these great gifts!

  1. Sunshine Card by StudioBoketto
  2. Personalised Wooden Flowers by Bombus
  3. Rose & Violet Creams by M&S
  4. Blue Face Dish by Me!
  5. Custom Portrait by SaoirseLouScribbles

There is just a selection of personalised and unique gifts by independent sellers (minus the M&S choccies though, they are a good last minute gift!). You can also take a look at our website to see if there are any gifts you’d like to send your Mum – I can send them to you or send them straight to your Mum with a personalised note!

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