London — 26th & 27th March

Sunday was a bit of a family day – we went for a morning walk along the canals in somewhere East London. It was weirdly peaceful. As I said in my last post, I have previously thought of London as loud and overcrowded but this trip definitely changed my mind. We’re now even considering a move to East London if we could ever afford it.

The rest of day consisted of Sunday lunch with some of Sam’s family, a bit of eggless birthday cake and watching Die Hard 3 back at Sam’s aunt with his cousin Ben. I maybe ate half a jar of gherkins for dinner, it was great. Die Hard 3 on the other hand…

On the 27th, Sam’s Birthday, we went to the Tate Modern. We hadn’t been there since The Switch House was added and so it was our first call for the day. We went via Canary Wharf and walked along the river before we got there. This exhibition by Fujiko Nakaya was excellent. It’s a described as an immersive fog sculpture and it was beautiful. It was also cold to stand in.

After this, we ate Wagamamas as the birthday lunch and then headed to the Illustration Cupboard. We also had a rush dinner before heading to watch Life at the cinema with his aunt and cousin. It was definitely an interesting film which after much discussion with Sam and his cousin, I’ve decided I like it. Jake Gyllenhaal is where it’s at.

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