London — 25th March

We took the long overdue trip to East London to visit family and friends last weekend. We wanted to pack in as much as possible and also celebrate Sam’s birthday. It involved many miles of walking but also a lot of beautiful sunshine and food.

The Canvas Cafe was lovely, it had this tiny, quiet outdoor spot. We met my friend Joanna here and drank another caffeinated drink, much to the regret of my bladder. Our next stop was the Beigel Bake after this. Salt Beef, Salmon and Cream Cheese and Nutella were our beigels of choice. After a few hours, which was not enough of a catch up but we’ll pick up where we left off some other time, we hurried to Liverpool Street so Joanna wouldn’t miss her train.

We decided to get on the underground and headed towards South Kensington. Our friend had just started working at the V&A museum and so to kill some time until the end of her shift, we drew and wandered around the endless ceramics they have.
Our day ended with walking from South Kensington to Marble Arch via Hyde Park while the sun was setting. It was beautiful and surprising calming. I also think of London as this hub of noise, crowds and discomfort but that Saturday was great.
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