Star Wars. When I was a kid, I loved Star Wars. I remember my parents letting me stay up past my bedtime to watch them on the telly and even as my eyes began to close from exhaustion, the films filled me with excitement and

Sunday was a bit of a family day – we went for a morning walk along the canals in somewhere East London. It was weirdly peaceful. As I said in my last post, I have previously thought of London as loud and overcrowded but this

We took the long overdue trip to East London to visit family and friends last weekend. We wanted to pack in as much as possible and also celebrate Sam’s birthday. It involved many miles of walking but also a lot of beautiful sunshine and food.

Someone recently asked me if I could share my daily routine now that I work freelance full time. The honest truth is I have no daily routine, it varies all the time – sometimes I have a lay in, sometimes I sit at my desk

Most years I spend Mother’s Day with my mum, obviously. This year though I won’t be able to. I’m in London for that weekend visiting Sam’s family and celebrating his birthday, plus soaking up art and illustration you can only see in London.

In December 2016, I decided that I wanted to split my editorial practice from my authorial work. This meant I needed to come up with a name for my new venture into selling on Etsy and for my new social media platforms and I didn’t

Lisk’s use of texture is where it’s at. I’m a big traditional printmaking fan but printmaking isn’t always viable when you need to create a quick editorial for a client, so recreating the look in Photoshop is something I aspire to creating. I discovered Lisk’s

I recently started doing research for a new project and as I naturally allowed myself to stumble onto subject matters that inspire me, I came across Imposter Syndrome. Within minutes of reading about it I discovered that I have a demon inside me. That demon

As I shared on my shop instagram earlier this week, I’ve been in Plymouth. I’ve come down to accompany Sam while he works here for a couple of days and while he has been at work, I’ve been exploring Plymouth city centre for the best