5 Illustration Influences

1. Lisk Feng

(Top) Lisk’s use of texture is where it’s at. I’m a big traditional printmaking fan but printmaking isn’t always viable when you need to create a quick editorial for a client, so recreating the look in Photoshop is something I aspire to creating. I discovered Lisk’s work when I was trying to do this in university. For me, Lisk is the ultimate texture illustrator, using texture for everything and making it balanced and not overworked.

Instagram: @liskfeng
Website: liskfeng.com

2. David Doran

David is killing it. He graduated the same as me but his illustration skill were years above mine when I graduated. You have most probably seen something of his today, he has successfully seeped his work into editorials, advertising and book publishing. He uses texture as well, but my favourite aspect of his work is his warped perspective.

Instagram: @daviddoran_
Website: daviddoran.co.uk

3. Rafael Mayani

Rafael’s work has me in awe 99.9% of time. It’s something about the way he draws people. They are elongated but proportional, simple but emotive. His style somehow transcends between all his ways of working, whether it be ink, line drawings or digital. He is like an illustrator jedi.

Instagram: @rmayani
Website: rafaelmayani.com

4. Jac Nguyen

Again Jac’s work is fascinating to me because of the way she draws people. People and portraits are my illustrative soft spot, they are my favourite to draw and my muse, yet drawing bodies are the hardest thing for me. Studying Jac’s work has helped me recognise what I want to portray in my own work. Jac is also great at working in pencil and creating textured digital work. It’s all great, Jac is great.

Instagram: @jacsketch
Website: jacsketch.com

5. Owen Davey

Owen is the master of making simple. I really his use of shapes to convey whatever it is he is trying to tell the audience. He has filtered his work into advertising, product illustration and editorial work – as well as making his own books with Flying Eye Books. Owen is a constant reminder to me to keep it simple, so thanks for that.

Instagram: @owendaveydraws
Website: owendavey.com

*Just a small note, I obviously don’t own and didn’t draw these images – I want you to just know who I’m inspired by and you should check all these guys out.

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